Where can I buy Three Pink Threads patterns

Three Pink Threads patterns are not currently being offered for sale.  I hope to have them available for purchase in the near future.

How does a Three Pink Threads pattern come into being?

Three Pink Threads patterns are meticulously prepared with attention to perfection and precision.  The patterns are designed by hand.  I often begin by sketching in a notebook and choosing a fabric and details before progressing to drafting. The pattern is drafted in Adobe Illustrator and packaged in Adobe InDesign along with step by step instructions.  The preliminary version is tested by other seamstresses who report back any discrepancies or problems so that fixes and improvements can be made before the finished product is released to the public.

What sewing machine do you use?

I recently upgraded my sewing machine to a Bernina 790, an exquisite machine capable of sewing complicated garments, embroidery and even creative embroidery.  Prior to my new Bernina I sewed on a Babylock Decorator's choice for 15 years.  It stuck with me through many complicated garments and I learned a lot on that sewing machine however there is a lot left to be desired on a machine that old and inexpensive.

What serger do you use?

The first serger I bought was a Babylock Imagine.  I decided since I wasn't familiar with sergers and was struggling to make very small amounts of time to sew, knit and design already, that though generally much more expensive, the increased price was worth the ease with which Babylock sergers can be threaded, and worth the amount of time I would save.  I also knew that if it wasn't easy I wasn't going to use it because I was already being pulled in a handful of other more demanding and important directions. And as well, I wanted to create garments that were as professional as possible.  If I had to rethread my serger each time I wanted to change my thread color I knew I would end up using mismatched thread just to save time. Though the Imagine is great for simple overlocking, I had been hoping to upgrade to the Evolution with coverstitch capabilities since I bought the Imagine so eventually I decided it was time and I've been serving on my Babylock Evolution for a number of years now. 

Where do you get your design inspiration and ideas?

  • When I first became interested in designing sewing patterns I began perusing successful sewing websites and blogs so I could learn from those who were well established and good at what they were doing and realized they were a wealth of creative inspiration! I found the courage to begin creating my own patterns and website, and found my design inspiration, in the beauty and creativity in their websites, designs and sewn garments.
  • I mean it when I say that I am simply inspired by beauty in any give situation, anything beautiful is a motivation to me to create.  It propels me toward creating and inspires me on what to create.  How can I translate that into a sewn garment, a fabric pattern or photograph, I'll wonder.  
  • I have an interest in creating clothing that has some sophistication and old world charm so I find adult fashion to often be more inspiring and useful than children's.  When I explore high fashion that tends toward the unusual I use it simply as inspiration to go more outside the box myself.  It helps me see and design more openly to see how lines and fabric can be used differently.  Otherwise, I may adopt the main element I am attracted to in a design like a neckline or sleeve shape and create a child's garment around it.

Why do you love to sew & Knit?

I love the process of seeing a garment come into being.  Step by step, bit by bit it comes closer and closer to completion.  And the pièce de résistance is finally dressing my child in the outfit I labored over.  And it's a perpetual love affair to dress my children in my garments over and over again.  I never grow tired of seeing the little people I love most dressed in garments I've created entirely from scratch.

Why do you draft Knitting & sewing patterns?

When I first began sewing I loved the end result of dressing my child in a garment I'd made myself so much that I began seeking out specific ideas I had for pattern designs.  It wasn't always easy to find exactly the style I was imagining so the easiest and most versatile option seemed to be learning to draft my own designs.  And it was an inevitable evolution to decide to work towards selling them.

How long have you been sewing & knitting?

I first began sewing and knitting when I was just a tiny child of five or so in Kindergarten at Waldorf school.  Continuing through 8th grade my mother drove me to and from my school which was one hour round trip and so I credit her with helping me get my start.  Not to mention the knitting and sewing advice she's offered me along the way.  But I didn't pick the arts up again until I was an adult and had my youngest girl.  And it was mostly through her that I found my sustained interest in fabric arts because it's just so darn satisfying to make something my child can wear!

How did you learn to sew, knit & draft?

I am a self taught seamstress and knitter for the most part, but my first exposure to fabric crafts was through the Waldorf school I attended from Kindergarten through 8th grade.  Waldorf education emphasizes a program called Handwork which includes various fiber arts with a particular focus in knitting.  It was certainly where I got my start and early learning on the subject but eventually when I became interested in sewing and knitting again as an adult, I had to learn by trial and error.  I put down a great many knitting and sewing project fails that were never touched again.  As I've mentioned again and again, I am a chronic lover of knowledge.  I collect books for reference and education on the subjects that I focus in, knitting for children for example, designing and drafting knits and sewn garments for children etc.  I also have taken a number of Craftsy classes and also learned a great deal there as well.