fabric design resources



There are a few great fabric design books that I recommend.  Please see my Fabric Design Books page


Lauren Dahl's Fabric Desing course is great for those interested in fabric design but lacking in an understanding of Illustrator.  For those already well versed in Illustrator you could get the rest of your education from the fabric design books I recommend in my book section.

Spoonflower is the pioneer in home and personal fabric design.  You can upload your designs and Spoonflower will professionally print them for you for a reasonable price on the fabric of your choice (they have a good selection these days) and mail them to you within a reasonable amount of time.  For those wishing to see their designs in print for personal use Spoonflower is the way to go.  As well, those who are interested in testing their designs or in submitting physical examples to buyers (though I recommend researching who accepts this type of application because each company has their own submission specifications) could benefit from Spoonflower.  In fact, they have a book designed to walk you through the process.  For those interested in designing and printing professionally, a greater understanding of the industry will be necessary.  Lauren's fabric design class, mentioned above, has some information on how to package your designs to submit to design firms as well as where to submit your designs and the books, as well, will give you some added information on what the industry is looking for and how to create it.