Digital pattern design tools


Digital pattern design is growing fast.  Indie pattern designers are learning to design via Illustrator, to package their design in InDesign and to sell their patterns on personal websites or Etsy.  There are some basic tools and information that can make the difference.



Please refer to my Pattern Design Book Page


I recommend Lauren Dahl's Pattern Workshop course for those who are beginning the process of digital pattern design.  Lauren walks you through the process of designing and drafting in illustrator and packaging your designs in InDesign from start to finish.  It's a very comprehensive resource for the beginner.


There are a number of ways you can use Adobe Illustrator.  You can buy the software for about $1500, you can subscribe to Creative Cloud for $50 per month or you can subscribe to Creative Suite for $19.99 per month and choose three Adobe programs to access.  Personally I use Creative Cloud because I benefit from more than three programs.


The only Adobe Illustrator plug in I use is Astute Graphics Vector Suite plug in.  The measurement tool is the most valuable to me and I do recommend it to digital pattern designers as it is hard to measure your designs digitally otherwise.  I think of lot of us were trying in unusual ways to measure accurately by our own creations before this tool came about.  Anyway, I really recommend the measurement tool but warn you that it's a little expensive if you aren't interested in the other tools that come in the pack.