Ribbed Jacket


This Ribbed Jacket is a Debbie Bliss design that I've been eyeing since my 2 year old was a baby. I borrowed the book again and again from the library but never got to making it.  Maybe I was resisting buying yarn and trying to use up my stash instead (an ongoing necessity given my penchant for beautiful yarn impulse buys).  But whatever the reason, when I finally got down to it, and when I was finished, even though I chose a dark grey yarn, and not a bright pink yarn, my daughter (who just adores all things pink) absolutely loved it!

The Ribbed Cardigan is a very fast and easy project, knit in entirely one piece except for the ribbed edging which required picking up stitches (which I really dislike doing) and closing the side and arm seams, which I also dislike doing.  But I'm a lazy knitter.  I like a complete piece when I'm finished binding off.  But, alas, I know this is not realistic.  Most knits need to be seamed or finished in some way.


I made the largest size, 24 months, even though traditional sizing would have my daughter at a 2T at the smallest and to get more longevity from her clothing I'm buying and making 3T clothing now. However, I have a lovely Debbie Bliss designed dress that my daughter still doesn't wear that she "should have" fit into at least a year ago.  Point is, many knits are sized large, and Debbie Bliss' designs apparently are no exception.

She loves to pick flowers and quite picturesquely began doing so in this lovely sloping green hill in Alta Vista Park.

The interesting thing about this design, I think, contributes to the challenge I'm having with getting the shoulders and collar to sit appropriately.  There are no shoulder seams.  So the ribbing tends to slide down her arm and the collar sits flat.  I don't really know what the answer is as the design sits currently.  But I do think it still looks cute.