On Knitting The Olivia Cardigan

A few months back I knit the Olivia Cardigan by Nikki Van De Car from her book What To Knit The Toddler Years.  



The sweater has an attractive feminine design.  It has a 3 button closure, empire waste and puff sleeves.  I think as the author wrote the pattern with a more durable yarn and a shorter length it's more of a day sweater and at the longer length and with the more drapey yarn I chose the sweater is perfect for a dressier outfit.



I began knitting the Olivia Cardigan with every intention to follow the pattern exactly to completion.  However after I'd done the four leaf repeats the pattern called for I felt a desire to make the sweater longer and to try to use all my yarn (after all it was an expensive and absolutely gorgeous delectably soft and luxurious yarn that I didn't want to waste one inch of).



So I continued to knit 2 extra rounds of the leaf pattern repeat.  The end result was a longish sweater that draped luxuriously and softly to below my daughter's hips.



I say the following disclosing that I used a different yarn (Sweet Georgia Merino Silk Fine yarn) than what was recommended (Malabrigo Arroyo) and should you choose to knit this pattern, which in every other respect I thoroughly recommend because the end result is so beautiful in spite of the neckline, you should make your own informed decision of whether you want to risk the possible inaccurate fit or whether it doesn't matter.  This sweater has a very loose neck that I have never been able to get to fit my daughter really at all even as she's grown into it.  She still wears the sweater and we make do because it's just so lovely otherwise.  But I am not sure what to think because I knit a dress from What to Knit When You're Expecting by the same author, also knit with another yarn than what was recommended, but also turned out with a neckline that's far too wide.  And I think it's important to mention that I've substituted yarn a great many times without any problems.  



So my advice would be to cast on fewer stitches when you begin knitting this sweater.  I'm sorry I can't recommend a specific number because I have yet to reknit this sweater myself.  However I will definitely make this sweater again (with the neckline adjustment) when my daughter gets a little bigger.