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I am a better wife and mother when I've had time to create  



I first learned to sew and knit when I was just a tiny girl in Waldorf School around the age of 5.  Though I can only say I dabbled in fabric crafts as I continued through the rest of my education, it was nevertheless, a valuable foundation for me to begin again and build a business on as an adult.  When I was pregnant with my littlest daughter several years ago, a strong desire to create arose and I got out the sewing machine, knitting needles and stitched her a wardrobe.  I can still recall the sense of euphoria I felt as I stitched together my first little dress.  It was plainly clear then, as it is now, that sewing is something that brings me a lot of joy.  So the desire to create and to work with fabrics persisted even after my baby was born and I found very quickly as I partook in the wonderful wealth of independent designer's across the globe, that although there was some pretty inspiring creativity and expertise, as well as a lifetime of patterns to choose from, I just wasn't satisfied with merely sewing others designs. I found myself with specific design ideas and searching for long hours for a pattern that matched.  Eventually it became obvious that the best option was to create the designs that I was searching for myself. 

For the past few years I have been focused on learning to design and draft sewing and knitting patterns and plan to one day open my own online pattern shop here at Ruby Threads.

about me

I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a spiritual aspirant, an artist and a writer.  I am also a life long vegetarian, aspiring vegan, and a strong supporter of freedom for all animals especially those suffering at the hands of human beings.  I have three children, my oldest of whom, has a profoundly disabling disease and has opened a special place in my heart for people with physical, emotional and mental challenges.  



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